2017 Spring/Summer Dairy Share

Store 2017 Spring/Summer Dairy Share

Local milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs and butter grass-raised on small, sustainable farms without hormones or antibiotics.

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Dairy share includes 5 items:

1/2 gallon of low-pasteurized milk from grass-fed cows.

1/2 lb. of cultured butter from grass fed cows

1 Qt. of Yogurt from grass-fed cows. Unsweetened/no additives or preservatives

Approximately 1/2 lb. of cheese (options will vary) from pastured cows or goats

One dozen pastured eggs

    Full season share price includes 6 months of fresh, local food! Seasonal Member Fee (admin, fuel, labor) and Home Delivery Fee (if applicable) is charged separately and will vary on delivery location. Home delivery in Washington, DC is powered by Schlep It eco-friendly trikes. Shares are limited. Join our CSA today!

Host a drop site at your home or business! 10 members per site, minimum. Call (804) 397-7337 for more information.