2018 Fall/Winter Grass-Fed Meats

Store 2018 Fall/Winter Grass-Fed Meats
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Pastured, forested, and grass-fed meats, no antibiotics/hormones, raised on sustainable, local farms! Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, and seafood options available.

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You will receive approximately 1-3 lbs each time of pastured, forested, and grass-fed meats, no antibiotics/hormones, raised on sustainable, local farms. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, bison, goat and seafood options will be rotated throughout the season. available. Some of our farms include: Polyface Farms, Rappahannock River Oysters, Skyview Acres Farm, Milton's Local, Green Fence Farm, Sausage Craft and others. Types rotated will be ground, sausage, roasts, chops, steaks, whole or parted out chicken and more.

Each delivery cycle we will rotate types. More questions about quantity? Visit our FAQs. Please note quantity and weight will vary based on type and cut. For example a share may include a whole chicken weight 3 lbs valued at $20, ground meat 1 lb at $8, and a smoked trout at $7 vs a premium item such as 1 package of bison steaks, which may be the entire cost of the share. (Bison is the most expensive item in the meat share as it is considered a wild animal by the USDA and is very difficult to raise.) Steaks usually occur 1-2x per season. We try to vary between value/staples (whole chicken, ground meats) and a few treats (steaks, chicken breast) to accommodate our members varying needs. br]
Please contact us if you have allergies or dietary restrictions that require special consideration (i.e. pork, shellfish etc). We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

    Full season share price includes 6 months of fresh, local food - Veggies, grass-fed meats, grass-fed dairy, pastured eggs, bread! Seasonal Member Fee (admin, fuel, labor) and Home Delivery Fee (if applicable) is charged separately at onboarding and will vary on delivery location. Shares are limited. Join our CSA today! Serving Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. We are Veteran owned.

Host a drop site at your home or business! 10 members per site, minimum. Call (804) 397-7337 for more information.