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Farmstead Ferments Mercantile and Fermentaria are located in Scottsville, VA. We grow, harvest, process, ferment, and preserve a wide variety of vegetables and herbs into tasty, nutrient dense nourishment that feeds the body, soul, and soil.

Our farm, Free Bird Farm, is located about 8 miles away in Esmont, VA. Our stewardship of the land, vegetables, fruit trees, berries, herbs, flowers, bees, and poultry includes ecologically sound methods of soil regeneration, biodynamics, natural farming methods, and organic practices. These methods allow us to harness the naturally occurring waves of Mother Nature and the Universal Rhythms – going with the flow -- and, as such, our foods are blessed with a cosmic kiss.

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New Moon Herbal + Green Teas

A selection of loose-leaf herbal teas made with local, organic, and ecologically-grown herbs.

From: New Moon

New Moon Herbal + Green Teas